Saturday, March 17, 2012

Not Too Shabby Chic End Tables

Hello lovely friends,
I am so glad that spring has come early to Michigan and I hope it decides to stay! I'm starting to think spring in my decorating too!

My end tables were the few pieces of furniture that I have left unpainted ~ These tables are the first purchase that I made for our future home right before we got married. I bought them at an antique/second hand shop for $15 each. 

They've gotten pretty scratched up over the years with our many moves. I've been in need of some decorative change so it was finally time

I painted the tables in my "go to" color of Heirloom White by Rustoleum ~ two coats

I bought the bird stencil from Hobby Lobby (with a 40% off coupon of course)

The blue paint for the bird stencil is Glidden Antique Silver in eggshell satin which was left over from my word sign project ~ two coats

The glazing is what I've been using lately on everything ~ just acrylic craft paint mixed with a small amount of water

Lots of sand paper and some scraping with a screw driver for the distressed looking areas

I've been wanting to paint with two colors for some time now and I finally got brave enough to try it!


I bought my new lamps at Dollar General for $3.50 each with 50% off coupons and the burlap lamp shades at Walmart for $10 each. That was the cheapest price I could find anywhere, and believe me I searched all over the internet pricing them out. The shades happened to be the best size for the bases and the cutest ones that I could find too!

A closer look at the two paint colors ~ I love the white knobs on the blue drawer! 


I also added this cute wrapping paper to line the drawers ~ It was a little more difficult to work with than the paper I used for my dresser/buffet re-do project. This paper was a lot thinner and obviously a much lighter color. I used the same matte modge podge as before, but it didn't hold up as well this time. I actually re-did the drawers with a second layer of paper, but I used double sided tape on the bottom and a very light coat of the modge podge over the top.

The final product ~ for now

I'm currently looking for a matching set of old windows to fill the space over the end tables ~ these long white apartment walls just look so bare! I can't find anything that I like so far. Oh well, the search continues!

Have a wonderful St Patrick's Day everybody!


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Whitney said...

LOVE IT! Good job, Jamie! You are inspiring me to do some crafting projects! :) Now, just to find the time to do all the things I want to do. I love all your pictures. The tables are beautiful!

Pamela Lowe said...

The tables turned out great,Jamie! Love the lamps and your idea of hanging windows up. Keep posting your projects, I too feel inspired whenever I see your latest work.

Anonymous said...

Jamie, I was able to get on this today while at the office! As always, nice job on the "decorating"!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Your tables turned out great, Jamie! Love the new color. Great idea to do the drawer the second color as you get "brave" in doing it! : ) You'll see it will be easier next time you want to add two colors.

Jamie @ Domestically Vintage said...

Thanks everyone for all of your great compliments,encouragement, and advice! I appreciate all of it so much!