About Me

Hello, my name is Jamie!

Please join me in my adventures in thrifting, antiquing, and decorating, discovering ways to use more natural products in my home and many more domestic experiences.

I am a stay at home wife to my husband Nate and mama to my baby girl Olivia. I'm a born again Christian, a Midwest girl, and lover of all things Austen, You might even call me an Anglophile!

I love thrifting, antiquing, decorating, crafting, and baking. All things burlap, toile, and transferware . My style is old and vintage lost somewhere between french provincial and natural  modern elements.

25 Things about me:

1) My husband is the only person that I had ever dated, kissed etc...He's my first and only. I didn't meet him until I was 22. I have always taken Proverbs 31:12 literally ~ "She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life."

2) I have wanted to be a Mama my whole life! My dream finally came true on June 18th, 2013

3) I have a major sweet tooth but have to have something salty with a sweet snack every time

4) I'm very proud of my family heritage! I am descended from Anne Bradstreet the first American poet. She was a Godly mother of eight, wife, and daughter. Her poem "To my dear and loving husband" is my favorite.

I'm also descended from Chippewa Indians (also on my Mother's side) and French Canadians on my Father's side of the family. 

5) I'm obsessed with Jane Austen. I've read/own all of her books. I've seen and own almost every adaptation of her books into film. After Pride and Prejudice I can't decide if Mansfield Park or Persuasion is my favorite read.

6) Even though I have this little blog I am probably the most technologically challenged person that I know of. Everything I know about computers I learned quickly at my first office job six years ago.

7) I love tea and coffee. As much as I love coffee, if I had to pick only having one for the rest of my life I would have to pick tea. 

  8) Longevity runs on my Mother's side of the family. I knew my Great-great Grandfather. A lot of people can't believe that. He lived to be 103. My Great Grandma on the other side of her family just celebrated her 100th Birthday.

9) I'm quiet but I'm not shy. A lot of people think I'm shy. I'm really not. Sometimes I think people just talk to hear the sound of their own voice. I like to think before I speak.    

10) I take my Christianity very seriously. It's the only way of life that I know. I was raised in the church and most of my friends are from church. I believe that being a light in this world is very important. I don't believe that the strict set of guidelines that I live by entitles me to to say and do hateful things to those who don't believe what I believe. 

11) I am the second oldest of eight children. Eight kids, two parents. It's all I've known, so no, it wasn't weird for me growing up that way.

12) I love rainy days. They make me feel cozy and happy!

13) Fall is my favorite season

14) I love writing notes and letters. They always brighten my day so I love to do the same for others

15) I've always loved pretty things, even as I little girl. I used to go to garage sales and buy things like crystal home decorations not toys. I didn't get into antiquing and painting furniture until I was married though. Once I was on a tight budget and wanted to decorate my little apartment I started coming into my own with my style and  favorite hobby of decorating my home.

16) I like to be super organized but I lose things all the time. It's kind of crazy how often I misplace things.

17) My favorite kind of food is Italian.

18) I love the Oscars. I watch the show every year. I'm really good at picking the winners and I enter a local contest almost every year. I've never won it though. Maybe this year will finally be the year!

19) I was raised with a pretty strict set of rules and beliefs. I've found as I've grown up that most of what my parents tried to instill in us was true and correct. One thing they taught us was to never make fun of un-changeables. I don't to this day. People with a sense of humor that belittles other people aren't very funny or witty. That's just my opinion!

20) People think I'm not out doorsey because of my love for all things decorating, baking, reading etc...I love the outdoors. I grew up in the woods. I love hiking, I can build forts with the best of them. I just don't prefer the beach or being out in the hot sun. I love my shade!

21) I dream of someday living in the country and having a huge garden and fruit trees. 

22) I had never been on airplane until this past year. 32 years old and I've never gone anywhere that required my getting on a plane.

23) If I could go anywhere in the world for a dream vacation it would be to England.

24) I'm afraid of cats...and dogs. There, I've said it.There are some dogs and one cat that have won me over but in general I fear them. My grandparents had evil cats that scared all of us kids and I was attacked by a dog when I was very little.  It can't be helped!

25) If I could choose one career once I'm done raising children it would be to own a little shop where I would sell antiques, re-purposed items, and crafts. 

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