Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer is Here at last!

Dear Friends,
 I hope that everyone had a lovely and safe Fourth of July weekend?! I sure did! 

~ * ~

For me the Fourth of July means celebrating the independence of our wonderful country, visiting family up north, barbecuing, maybe taking a nature walk or two and our annual Antiques at the Fairgrounds in Petoskey, Michigan!   

I am sure that everyone with a love for home decor and antiques will want to attend this event and luckily there is another one in August so be sure to check it out!  

~ * ~

I gathered so many decorating ideas from many wonderful vendor displays. Enjoy -

The number pillows were gorgeous and the glass cloches were just everywhere! They're a new revelation for me and I just can't get enough of them now. I can't wait to decorate with the one that I bought!

Wicker and lace are just so elegant don't you think? Maybe someday if I ever open that dream antique store that could be the name? One can only dream can't they?!

Two of my lovely sisters! We antiqued our little old hearts away for two whole days!
Pam, the oldest is on the left. She's an amazing mother and home maker that I am eternally proud of! (I'm in the center) and our youngest sister, Amanda, is so glam, (as you can see) and always so full of fun and laughter!  We have two more sisters that live on opposite sides of the good ole' USA that couldn't make it. They were missed every minute but maybe next year we can all go together!

~ * ~

Things that made us laugh -

We thought that this sign was quite appropriate! One of the vendors had an amazing booth with so many stories! The insane asylum stories were just haunting. He was a favorite so we spent quite awhile there!

Another funny one! Even the royal wedding had a place at the antique show!

~ * ~

More Treasures -

Such a beautiful dining room set!

My oldest sister fell in love with this cabinet! For $250 it was a steal but somebody else had bought it by the end of the day.

My younger sister fell in love with this blue trunk! She even got them to come down on the price. $100 was by far the cheapest price for a trunk at the entire show. I am so happy that they gave her such a good deal! We all loved the smaller one as well, it was a toss up really. They were another one of our favorite vendors. So easy to speak with and always willing to come down on prices!

I just love decorating with bird houses, I must get it from my Mother. Her home is all cottage and birdhouse decor.  The suitcase was a treasure, the jars were just beautiful and the sage-green lantern really matches my home decor.

Sisters shopping for jewelry!

I had to take a rest on the beautiful lawn furniture! Doesn't it look like it belongs at The Grand Hotel or the White Sands?

So many beautiful white distressed pieces of furniture! I was really inspired to get back into it myself. I suppose I don't have any more room in our cramped apartment at the moment though...

  Aren't these pieces just beautiful? 

~ * ~

Odds and ends that we loved -

I would love this soda box in my yellow kitchen!

My sister would love this bread box in her yellow kitchen! We'll just have to see what Santa leaves under the tree this year!

I think decorating with old stamps could be really original! Maybe a whole collection in a large old jar or something?

You know that you're all itching to go now!

~ * ~

My antique treasures that made it home with me -

I told you that I fell in love with all of those glass cloches!

Two beautiful planters!

I've been looking for a set of keys for quite a few years now and they have been extremely difficult to find! At $2 a piece-you can't beat that!

Two homemade handkerchiefs that were just $5 for both and an adorable transferware dish!

This ball of yarn completes my set that is arranged on my coffee table. Again for $2 you can't go wrong!

Well, friends. I hope you all are enjoying a wonderful summer!


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