Monday, December 19, 2011

More ornaments & Christmas decorating ~

Well, I'm finally finished with all of my ornament making!

Take a look ~

For the paper mache ornaments ~
I bought scrap booking paper (25¢ each),
the ornaments were about a dollar each, and I've had the ornament ribbon for years, along with all the other supplies that I used.

The maroon colored musical note ornaments are my absolute favorite!
I just cut strips of the scrap booking paper, soaked each piece in a solution of  modge podge  and water and applied the paper overlapping over and over again until the entire piece was completely covered. I then added more of the  glue and water mixture (a small amount) and poured (Martha Stewart's) crystal coarse glitter all over and hung them to dry. (It took about half an hour to dry)

For the glass bulb ornaments I simply shredded scrap booking paper and filled the ornaments until they were full. I looked all over antique stores, Goodwill and The Salvation Army and couldn't find  sheet music anywhere. 
When we were on vacation in Asheville, North Carolina I saw an entire box with hundreds of sheets of music for 12 dollars. I'm kicking myself now for not buying it when I had the chance! 
Maybe next year I will have real sheet music instead of scrap booking paper and fill some smaller glass ornaments.


My little Christmas display. I just got the manger scene this week! It was the perfect size that I was looking for.

Our humble Christmas tree is finally decorated!
 I miss a real tree but we can't have a real one in our apartment

One of my favorite ornaments

Presents are all wrapped!

I love wrapping presents with old vintage looking wrapping paper, raffia and stamped tags with little Christmas designs.
(Sadly this is the last of the wrapping paper that I lined the drawers of my dresser/buffet with)


Well, I have lots more Christmas baking to do! I'll share some recipes in my next post.

Please feel free to leave me any comments or ask any questions!


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